February 23, 2021

what should my next card be? Chase

what should my next card be? Chase

Age: 19 // 731-770, depending where you look

Total CL : $21,900

DISCOVER it student – $2100 Citi double cash – $4800 Amex Blue Cash Everyday – $10,000 Amex Everyday – $5,000

So my 1 year of credit history is being completed on April 8th, what card should I get? I am looking for something for travel, like Marriot bonvoy or airline. My strategy for the bonvoy is get the higher tier $95 Ann fee bonvoy, then keep it for a year, use the points from SUB, have the first year fee waived, and near the end of the second year term end, i switch off to the free version of the Bonvoy.


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