February 23, 2021

Final 5/24 slot

Final 5/24 slot

Hey guys

Credit score is 695 Experian 692 Transunion Thin file but have 1 long aged account at 13 years lol.

I got 2 “bad credit” cards credit one and premier bank in November and December when my score was 540ish. I opened 2 more cards in February Apple Card 1500 Amazon signature visa 5000 (kind of surprising)

Income is 110k+ Utilization is like 1 percent. I think I have like 8 dollars on a card but otherwise have 0 debt and no loans out anymore.

I am now 4/24 and want to fill out my last slot after cancelling the other 2 cards.

I was thinking about going for chase flex then Amex gold to finish out my credit card portfolio for 2 years. Or should I just go gold and not worry about chase yet?

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