February 23, 2021

Data Point: Approval for Chase Freedom Flex

Data Point: Approval for Chase Freedom Flex

Approved today with a $1.7k CL

Scores: 731 Experian, 697 TransUnion, 695 Equifax

Income: $24k college student

Credit History: Began September 2019 with student loans and May 2020 first CC

Utilization under 1%

Other cards:

– Discover It Student (opened 5/20), $1,250 CL

– Chase Freedom Unlimited (opened 9/20), $1,000 CL

I thought this approval would be an interesting data point since I've heard that Chase likes to have 1 year of credit history before approving. It seems student loans may count towards that credit history?

In any case, I wanted to get CFF and CFU asap to start building points and that relationship. Luckily got approved for both. Can always get CL increase down the line.

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